Preparing audit programs for each company to check all accounts.
Preparing accounting cycles and reviewing all documents.
Preparing financial statements and auditing reports.
Auditing for the financial statements to match with the IFRS.
In some cases we help undertake the bookkeeping process for those clients who don't have the ability to perform it themselves, in these cases we help prepare all related book and accounting cycles.

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We established in our firm a client Book-Keeping Department to keep the accounting books for some of our clients who are not prepared to perform this function by themselves.
This department establishes the accounting system and prepare the set of accounting books to be kept by a company to meet all the local legal requirements .
Thereafter this department shall keep the books of the company and prepare its monthly trial balance in order to prepare the financial statements at the end of the year.

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Preparing and helping the client to submit their income tax return according to the new tax law no. 91 for 2005.
Advising and aiding in the preparation of files for inspection by the tax authority.
Attending the income tax inspection by the tax authority.
Attending on behalf of the company High Committee or Courts if there is any dispute with the tax authority (if any) and submitting tax defenses against tax authorities at all levels.

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Establishing all types of corporations. (LLC, Joint stock, foreign branches, etc.)
Mergers and Acquisitions.
Liquidation of Corporations.
Due Diligence.

Registering Companies in the following:
  • - Commercial registration.
  • - Industrial registration.
  • - Capital Market Authority.
  • - Imports & Exports Register.
  • - Capital leases.
  • - Egyptian Society for Contractors.

Helping companies obtain the necessary licenses needed to run a business.
Amending articles of incorporations, changing the basic system of corporations, approving general assembly meetings and approving board of directors meeting from GAFI.
Establishing off shore companies.
Establishing recruitment companies and obtaining the necessary licenses.

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Establishing financial & accounting systems that are compatible with all laws & regulations and IFRS.
Establishing cost systems for industrial corporations.
Establishing financial & accounting & mangerial systems for Educatinal entities and Schools.

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We have specialized professional and experienced team of lawyers who are able to deal with all tax cases at all court levels whether dealing with Income tax or Sales tax cases.

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Feasibility studies

Conducting marketing, financial and technical research in order to determine the feasibility and viability of a project.
This includes developing the financing plan for a project through the measurement of its sensitivity against future economic variables.

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Human Resources Solutions

HR Solutions is a Human Resources Organization based in Asran office for Accounting and Auditing. We provide a single source partnership with your business to manage all aspects of your Human Resource function.
If you have employees, then you have a need for Human Resources management. The average business owner spends at least 25% of his or her time handling employment related issues! You didn't start your business to manage employment headaches, but we did! Don't allow processing payroll, administering employee benefit plans, studying up on regulatory compliance, and planning for staffing needs.
A partnership with HR Solutions allows you to streamline your HR function, improve employee relations, and protect you from regulatory missteps that could expose you to employee and regulatory liabilities. We dedicate all of our time and resources into making this happen for our clients.

Our services
  • Building a beneficial organization structure and Restructuring for improving production
  • Work force development
  • Professional job analysis (job specifications and job descriptions)
  • Screening CVs
  • Performance management systems
  • Compensation and benefits (reward systems and payroll services)
  • Human resources planning
  • Human resources policies (manuals of procedures MOP)
  • Training for human resources team belonging to our clients
  • Training and development plans
  • Establishing all the human resources processes with document control system .

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